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    ⚫ 继续投入装置数据化管理系统的拓展与研发工作,2021 年实现由密封面管理至管路系统,2023 年实现全装置数据化,并与装置 DCS 进行接轨,计划建立以数据化服务为基础的工程中心;

    Continue to invest in the expansion and development of the device digitization management system, realize the digitization management from the sealing surface to the pipeline system in 2021, and the digitization management of the whole device in 2023, and integrate with the device DCS, establishing an engineering center based on digitization service.

    ⚫ 新产品开发,有色金属系列化模块化的部件开发工作;

    New product development, non-ferrous metal serialization and modular component development.


    At present, it is the key period of expanding domestic demand, accelerating infrastructure construction, and industrial transformation and upgrading. There is a huge market demand for advanced equipment. And there is huge pressure on safe production, which is also an eternal topic in the chemical industry. There are huge vacancies of the equipment safety services in the overall services for chemical equipment. We should seize the opportunity, accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, comprehensivelypromote industrial optimization and upgrading, strengthen technological innovation, promote the sustained, stable and safe development of chemical enterprises, and contribute to the steady and rapid economic development.

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